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Culture:Sincerity, Harmony, Gratitude, Innovation

Sincerity--Good person can do good business. Only sincere person can build a honest team. Customers will give up and abandon untruthful team and company.
Harmony -- to create a harmonious relationship among human, society and nature environment, which is all of love and good faith; to improve the company's creativity: to maintain fairness and fastness in order to keep the healthy, stable and sustaining development of the company.
Gratitude-- Since one person was born, each of growth and success of him is come from everything around him. Anyone must have the heart of gratitude
Innovation--Knowledge economy age is the age of innovation, innovation system is the reformation of our idea. Our culture will be reformed-the innovation of value and regulation; our system will be reformed; our management and technology will be reformed too.

Spirit: Learning forever, to be outstanding;
Idea: Honesty first, to be mutual benefits
Pursuit: Keeping improvement and development
Principles: Quality and customers are number one priority.



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